Set Up

Drill Walkthrough

From Box To Range

Watch our 2 minute tutorial on making sure your Kavooa Pro is ready for practice.
Co-founder and Creator Dylan Horowitz will walk you through set-up with ease.

Other Drills

Head Movement

Level the sticks to be even with your head level (from 15-to-65 inches). This helps keep your head stable and in line with your spine, which helps eliminate swaying and promotes more consistent contact.

Over The Top

An over-the-top swing can cause inconsistent contact and ball flight. Set the Kavooa Pro behind you for a guide to swinging on the correct path.

Hip Sliding

To minimize hip sway, set up Kavooa Pro at hip level — right behind your stance — and stay inside of the sticks as you swing. This allows you to rotate properly and smash the ball with pure contact.

Between The Two Sticks

Kavooa Pro’s alignment sticks can be pushed together or apart, so that you can practice swinging between them on a neutral swing plane (not too much from the inside, or outside).

Steepen The Swing

Setting up Kavooa Pro’s alignment sticks just below hip height allows you to reinforce the proper top-of-the-swing position and backswing length while eliminating excessive arm and hand rotation.

Forward Shaft Leaning

This drill helps you maintain forward shaft lean, take a good divot, and create consistently powerful contact.

Swing Plane Chipping & Hitting

Kavooa Pro is adjustable and not anchored to any fixed position, making practice time smoother and more productive.

Practice with intention.
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